Pattern Data

230-B Disamatic Molding Line

Casting Weight
60 pounds max
Give us a chance to review the design for weight reduction.
Total Mold Weight
110 pounds max
This includes all gating, bath tub, and risers.
Plate Size
21.0" x 25.5"
Standard 230-B Pattern Plate
Working Area
14" x 22"
This working area also includes all riser and gating to feed the casting.
Total Pattern Height
This height includes 2 Disa plates, metal plates are 1" thick, height out of the plate.
Total Amount of Offset
We have equipment to make 3.5" offset, plastic plates with metal backing plate.
Total Core Set
This will include the 2.66 and 5.12 core mask.
Minimum Wall Thickness
In localized areas.
Machine Stock
Typical - Plus draft where applicable.
Draft Angles
5 degrees   3 degrees
In all inside pockets. All outside features.
+/- .030" up to 3:, + .008" for every inch over 3".
Tighter tolerances may be held in localized areas with pattern adjustments.
Print Review Filling the Pouring FurnaceConstruction casting Cores on racks ready to transport to molding