It’s the things we do differently that set Urick apart from other part manufacturers... especially when it comes to producing parts for critical applications. From the pattern-making and involvement of our on-staff metallurgists to the testing and secondary operations, we do ductile differently.

Delayed In-Mold Vertical Casting

Urick is the only American company that uses the delayed in-mold vertical casting process in the production of all grades of ductile iron castings. This process is designed to provide optimal results in terms of the consistency of chemical and metallurgical properties, as well as superior machinability.

Disamatic 230B Molding Machine

Urick’s casting process is based heavily on our high-speed Disamatic 230B Molding Machine. It produces unique, complex, ductile iron parts while allowing for quick pattern changes and shorter runs. The results are parts with better finishes and better overall value for our customers.

Lifetime Patterns

At Urick, we produce all of our patterns in-house using the latest, cost-effective urethane pattern technology. This allows us to produce precision patterns, minimizing the amount of parting line flash. Our customers own their patterns and we store them. We also replace worn patterns at no cost to our customers.

100% Resonant Frequency Testing

Every single casting produced by Urick is tested with our Resonant Frequency Test machine to insure that the percent nodularity exceeds SAE specifications, which is important for critical applications.

Value-Added Services

In addition to single, cast component parts, Urick can provide savings through a one-stop solution of machining, assembly, heat-treating, powder coating, e-coating, galvanizing and plating. Our in-house capabilities range from pattern maintenance to grinding and trimming. Our finishing department utilizes a continuous shot-blast machine, robotic grinders and trimming equipment to minimize costs and reduce lead times. For all other services, we work with qualified outside partners.

Resonant Frequency Testing at each station is monitored in the office Electric hammer and microphone RF tests a Truck door closure casting Filling the ASEA Pouring Furnace